Active Learning. Reshaping the Future of Education

Valar Institute at Quantic School of Business and Technology is like learning with your favorite teacher.    An interactive, holistic teaching style is effective and engaging so students learn and retain more, faster.

Pedagogically Engineered for Modern Learners

Learning at the Valar Institute is like learning with your favorite teacher. Our interactive teaching style is effective and engaging so students learn faster and retain more.

No boring lecture videos. No tedious textbooks. Just delightful interactive instruction designed to make learning dramatically faster and more enjoyable.

Active Learning

With decades of experiences in educational technology and a conviction to experiential learning, Quantic and Valar have re-engineered online education with interactive, mobile-first learning called “Active Learning” that’s more effective than lecture-based online models.

Mastery-Based Progression

You’ll find no passive learning at Valar. No video-based talking heads, or long-winded prose. Instead, Valar constantly challenges learners, prompting interaction every eight seconds. Each 5-10 minute lesson builds upon previous learning, so students test their understanding and confront new material in a mastery-based progression.

Don’t Teach and Test...

For too long, online education has systemized the least effective practices of classroom instruction: a “lean back” broadcast of information, followed by testing. This passive paradigm has endured, despite poor efficacy and engagement.

...Test To Teach!

Valar’s Active Learning challenges students to think as the protagonist. The interactive curriculum acts not as a lecturer, but as a mentor or tutor, guiding and instructing learners with immediate feedback as they make decisions. Testing is therefore an opportunity to teach, rather than an exercise in information recall.

Try a Lesson

Active Learning flips the old educational paradigm with dramatic effects in both efficacy and retention.

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Hear From Our Students

See how MBA and EMBA students thrive with Quantic and Valar’s modern approach to business education.

“A unique and engaging way for busy professionals to build their knowledge.”

Elizabeth KennardSr. Manager, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc.Yale University

“The value of an Ivy League MBA in a shortened compact and delightful user experience that makes learning great again!”

Anand BhatAccenture, Systems Integration LeadPurdue University

“I found a great community of colleagues with my same drive for higher education and self-development.”

Lydia MontagneseCEO, GivdoJohns Hopkins University

“This EMBA could become one of the most beneficial and worthwhile endeavors for students and companies.”

Geoffrey SchuttaCGI, Senior ConsultantThe College of William and Mary

“Engaged me more than most classes I’ve taken in person. I feel better equipped to tackle real-world problems with the knowledge I’ve gained.”

Sachin DoshiMental Health America (MHA)Duke University

“What I learned will stick with me far longer than a standard lecture-based curriculum could.”

Veronica Shea SalkinPrimary Stages, MarketingNorthwestern University