Scholarship Opportunities

Reduce your tuition through generous scholarships awarded to students on the basis of both merit and need.

Valar Scholarship and Awards

The Valar scholarship program empowers enterprising leaders around the globe with affordable access to a top-tier business education. Indicate your interest in the following scholarships when you apply.

Hyperion Award For Entrepreneurs

Inspired by the world’s tallest sequoia tree, the Hyperion Award is a scholarship that provides tuition assistance for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Strada Scholarship For Emerging Leaders

This scholarship provides tuition assistance for students who exhibit promising leadership ability, often within initiatives that promote the growth of an emerging industry or nation.

Impact And Sustainability Scholarship

For those driving projects or companies focused on improving the well-being of their community or the state of the world, this scholarship seeks to spur double bottom line leadership.

Leadership Award For Women In Tech

Celebrating women in technology roles and companies, this award is given to active technology professionals and executives with exceptional leadership qualities.

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