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Valar Institute and Quantic School of Business and Technology are dedicated to reducing and sometimes eliminating student costs through our innovative tuition model that leverages employer funding whenever possible.

Valar 2024 Tuition

Tuition for both the MBA and the Executive MBA is just $800 USD per month over the 12-month duration of the program.

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Here’s How We Reduce Your Tuition


Employer Funding

Many companies offer tuition reimbursement benefits that can offset up to 100% of Valar tuition. We can work directly with you and your employer to provide the documentation required to secure funding.

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Every Valar applicant is eligible to apply for tuition assistance through global scholarship initiatives. Partial and full scholarships are available for each cohort on the basis of both need and merit.

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Our Innovative Model

We’ve engineered our programs to be radically affordable and where possible, have found ways to shift fees to employers. And our mobile-first platform means we’re campus-free, further reducing our costs — and yours.

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Why Do Companies
Pay Employee Tuition?

Talent Recruitment

Companies are willing to pay to recruit our high‑achieving students.

Corporate Perks

Many businesses pay or subsidize employee tuition as a standard benefit.

Developing Leaders

Companies benefit from their employees’ business education.

Philanthropic Efforts

Companies donate to our scholarship initiatives to support students.

Our Goals

We are working towards our goal of democratizing higher education with radically reduced tuition for 100% of admitted students. While not all students earn their degree at zero-cost (yet), Valar is a path to a debt-free education. Ready to apply?

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