The Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership

Learn modern strategy, leadership, and management skills at Valar Institute at Quantic School of Business and Technology.

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Admission Decisions

We evaluate candidates on their academic background, career accomplishments, and the thoughtfulness and candor within their application and interview. Ultimately, we are selective in admissions and seek highly motivated professionals who are eager to become more strategic, persuasive, and effective leaders. Each cohort represents students from a diverse set of backgrounds, roles, and industries.

  • CAREER STAGEMid Career
  • CLASS SIZE150 - 200
  • FORMATOnline Cohort
  • DURATION12 months
  • TUITION$800 per monthLearn More

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Admission Criteria

The program is tailored for mid-career professionals, generally with at least 7 years work experience and a proven record of success. It values, but does not assume, prior management experience, and has the following minimum requirements.

Undergraduate / Bachelor’s

Minimum 7 Years
Industry Experience

English Language

Application and Interviews

Once you’ve applied, you may be selected for a brief interview with an Admission Counselor. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about you and establish your program fit.

Innovative Tuition Model

We work with companies that invest in their employees through tuition reimbursement and sponsorship policies. Every Valar student benefits from this innovation in tuition funding, as it helps keep our base tuition fees more affordable for all. We also alleviate many students’ financial burden with generous need and merit-based scholarship opportunities.

Hear From Our Students

“Valar is more than an EMBA program - it's a paradigm shift that offers more than I was expecting. This program is changing the world. I'm so proud to be among the pioneers!”

Karim HouniAirbus Innovation Manager

“I chose Valar because of its comprehensive curriculum, structure around strategic business leadership, and for its flexibility.”

Omkar WalkeSwisslog, Head of Project Management, Americas

“Valar course material is relevant and engaging and collaboration with my peers has been both educational and enjoyable. Valar excels academically.”

Amanda DavenportSubmittable, Director of Talent Acquisition

“From the latest in technology, experts in the field, to leadership development; Valar is a very unique program with many opportunities for growth. ”

Amira RouxSenior Manager, Amazon Web Services

“Valar has out-performed expectations. The method of instruction, quality, flexibility and the organization of courses, exams, and projects are first-class! I have directly applied what I've learned to my career.”

Vishal Deepak D'SouzaBoeing Program Manager

“I highly recommend Valar to anyone who wants to develop knowledge in business, management, leadership and grow their network. The course content is excellent; you will learn and have fun at the same time.”

Juliette AndrewsExxonMobil, EAME Sourcing Initiatives