The Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership

Learn modern strategy, leadership, and management skills at Valar Institute at Quantic School of Business and Technology.

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Become a 21st Century Leader

In an accelerated, 12-month program, learn the modern management skills to lead in the new world of work.

Lead With Confidence

Learn strategy and management theories and practices that allow you to command a room, motivate a team, and boldly take the lead into uncharted territory. Innovate from within and master the complexities of a changing business landscape with skills that will help you overcome resistance and streamline decision making.

Multiply Your Strategic Impact

Set the course for success — for you and your company. Courses in strategic leadership, global economics and innovation provide frameworks to understand and leverage the dynamics of politics and power within an organization. Business communication courses ensure you are an effective, confident, and persuasive communicator.

Master the Fundamentals

Core MBA courses in marketing and pricing, creativity and innovation, and financial management provide you with foundational business knowledge necessary to lead organizations. Each student also completes a Capstone Project during their course of study where they put their learning to the test.

Best-in-Class Educational Experience

Our Active Learning method is more effective and engaging - students learn faster and retain more!

Our Method vs. Top EMBAs

In an independent study performed by Stanford researchers, learners in our platform performed as well or better in a standardized test covering Accounting and Finance than EMBA students who attended top 10 business schools. Oh, and they did so over 5 times as quickly.

Read more on this study here, and see the study on how our teaching bests other online leaders here.

Hear From Our Students

See how EMBA students thrive with Quantic and Valar’s modern approach to business education.

“A unique and engaging way for busy professionals to build their knowledge.”

Elizabeth KennardSr. Manager, Canon Medical Systems USA, Inc.Yale University

“The value of an Ivy League MBA in a shortened compact and delightful user experience that makes learning great again!”

Anand BhatAccenture, Systems Integration LeadPurdue University

“I found a great community of colleagues with my same drive for higher education and self-development.”

Lydia MontagneseCEO, GivdoJohns Hopkins University

“This EMBA could become one of the most beneficial and worthwhile endeavors for students and companies.”

Geoffrey SchuttaCGI, Senior ConsultantThe College of William and Mary

“Engaged me more than most classes I’ve taken in person. I feel better equipped to tackle real-world problems with the knowledge I’ve gained.”

Sachin DoshiMental Health America (MHA)Duke University

“What I learned will stick with me far longer than a standard lecture-based curriculum could.”

Veronica Shea SalkinPrimary Stages, MarketingNorthwestern University